As summer approaches in Rotorua, there’s no escaping the need for a reliable air conditioning solution to keep your home or business cool and comfortable. When it comes to air conditioning in Rotorua, GB Teat Ltd. stands out as the go-to choice for specialized design, installation, and exceptional customer service. With over 75 years of experience in the Bay of Plenty, they have earned a reputation you can trust.

A Legacy of Quality and Service

Founded in 1947 by George Teat as a retail white-ware store, GB Teat Ltd. has always been dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding customer service to the people of Rotorua. Over the decades, they evolved from retail to servicing appliances in various industries. Their journey took them into the commercial refrigeration industry in the 1960s, servicing equipment in supermarkets and hospitality industries.

The Kiwifruit Industry Connection

GB Teat’s involvement in the kiwifruit industry in the 1960s marked a significant expansion of their services. They started installing and servicing cool stores and pack houses from Te Puke to Tirohanga, earning a renowned name for themselves in the wider Bay Of Plenty.

Pioneers in Heat Pumps

In the mid-1980s, GB Teat Ltd. played a pioneering role in revolutionizing the residential heating market with the introduction of heat pumps. They understood the significance of preventing sulfur corrosion before heat pump installation, ensuring longevity. This approach remains integral to their services today. Whether it’s high wall, floor mount, or ducted heat pumps, GB Teat is your authorized Daikin Dealer for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Specialists

As building regulations and ventilation needs evolved in Rotorua, GB Teat Ltd. expanded their expertise to include system design for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning within buildings. This comprehensive approach has made them a one-stop-shop for all refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation inquiries in the region.

Get Ready for a Cool Summer

Don’t let the summer heat get the best of you in Rotorua. Contact GB Teat Ltd. today for a quote and stay cool with their high-quality air conditioning solutions. With their 24-hour after-hours service, you can count on them to keep you comfortable year-round. Trust the experts with a legacy of excellence – GB Teat Ltd.

When it comes to air conditioning in Rotorua, GB Teat Ltd. is your reliable partner. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and enjoy your summer to the fullest.