Frequently Asked Questions​

There are many things to know about choosing the right heat pump for your home or office, and the right heat pump installer. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have another question, please contact us today.

Every home is different, and choosing the right air conditioner will depend on many factors that GB Teat assesses during an on-site consultation. Apart from the difference in features, capacity range and the appropriate location of the installation, in principle heating works better with a floor standing unit. This is because the air is thrown out closer to floor level, reducing cold spots at your feet. In the case of our Nexura range, the inclusion of a radiant panel further enhances its heating comfort, providing heating that is similar to a traditional warm radiator. Ultimately, GB Teat will ensure you make the best decision for the comfort of your home or business.

Daikin’s advanced inverter technology features in all of their air conditioners, and in their Altherma underfloor heating system. An inverter-based system continually adjusts its cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room, similar to the accelerator of a car, used to gently increase or decrease power. Inverter technology controls the temperature in accordance with natural changes to the room’s temperature, so that when a desired temperature is reached the inverter technology subtly adjusts its own output to ensure that temperature is maintained, keeping you comfortable whilst operating more efficiently.

With Daikin’s flexible range of air conditioning technologies, a number of options are available to you for providing air conditioned comfort throughout your home. Daikin’s multi split systems are designed specifically to operate with any combination of indoor units, using one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units to cool or heat anywhere between two to five rooms simultaneously. Another option would be to install separate split system air conditioners in each of the rooms that require cooling or heating. Both these options give you the ability to set individual room temperatures for each indoor unit. Additionally, Daikin’s ducted systems are perfectly suited to providing air conditioned comfort to the entire home. Each option has specific benefits that GB Teat will guide you through in deciding what is the best air conditioning solution for your home.

You can select a multi split system to operate in either cooling or heating mode, not cooling and heating mode at the same time. However, Daikin’s multi-split air conditioners can heat or cool two to five rooms simultaneously using just the one outdoor unit. The benefit of a multi split system is that each indoor unit can be individually controlled, scheduled and set to the desired room temperature (e.g. living room on at 21 °C, bedroom on at 23 °C and master bedroom off), ensuring optimal comfort for all occupants in the household at any given time. This further saves on running costs by only heating or cooling rooms as required.

Both are ceiling mounted systems, but fundamentally a bulkhead system is designed to provide air conditioning to a single room whereas a ducted system provides air conditioning to multiple rooms throughout a home or business. A Daikin ducted system (such as the Premium Inverter, Standard Inverter and Slim-line series) is designed to provide flexible duct-distributed air conditioning in multiple rooms, with the indoor unit being installed in a ceiling space. In comparison, a Daikin bulkhead system (such as the Inverter Bulkhead) is designed for single room air conditioning with a minimal duct run and is best suited for installation in drop ceilings.

The key components of a ducted air conditioning system consist of a Daikin indoor and outdoor unit and a range of third-party ïairsideÍ accessories that help distribute conditioned air throughout a home. These airside accessories include diffusers (from where air is released into the home), flexible ducts, return air grilles (which act as a filter to remove household dust) and motorised dampers for ïzoningÍ capabilities. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight, in your ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing air through vents located throughout the home. An outdoor unit is positioned in a discreet location outside the home. Daikin’s ducted indoor units are designed to be fitted into tight roof spaces, and the indoor unit can be separated into two sections making it light to carry and easier to manoeuvre through openings and in the ceilings.

There are different benefits to different placements of a Daikin Air Purifier and each will depend on your own desired purpose. To remove house dust, it is most effective to place the unit at a lower position in the room. To remove cigarette smoke, it is more effective to install the unit in a higher part of the room. Furthermore, if you install the air purifier opposite an air conditioner, circulating air is cleaned during cooling and heating operations of the air conditioner. Identifying which of the above best suits your needs will help you make an informed decision in using your Daikin Air Purifier.

Altherma is a highly flexible and efficient underfloor heating system that extracts heat from the outside air, raises it to a higher temperature, and then distributes it throughout your entire home through an underfloor network. With heating provided from the floor up, warmth is initially felt through your feet before radiating upwards to surround your entire body. Altherma works without the need for fossil fuels like oil, flammable gas (LPG, Natural) or other hazardous substances, thus reducing potential risks and your systemÍs environmental impact. Furthermore, there is no need for a gas connection or a fuel tank and their associated costs. Daikin’s Altherma system is available in heating-only or reverse cycle (heating and cooling) options. The reverse cycle system cools your home by simply reversing the heating process. The system extracts heat from the inside of your home and channels it to the outside, leaving your home cool. And with the ability to connect a Daikin domestic hot water tank to your Daikin Altherma system, hot water can be supplied to your home all year round with this comprehensive home heating solution.