Effective ventilation can increase comfort, productivity and energy efficiency at commercial buildings. A well designed ventilation system can reduce heat, condensation and exhaust pollutants.

The expansion of regulations surrounding ventilation systems in recent years has resulted in far more emphasis being placed on design, installation and maintenance. We are up-to-date with all the current standards in ventilation requirements and we deliver cost-effective design, installation and maintenance for architects or builders. If clients are interested in fresh-air systems for offices or exhaust systems for the likes of carparks and toilets, the team at GB Teat are experienced in all these facets. Being IQP certified (Independent Qualified Person) means that we can also take care of your obligations under the annual building warrant of fitness requirements. Our ventilation systems and services are a breath of fresh air!

Key Benefits of Ventilation Systems

  • Fresher, healthier air
  • Remove dust, pollen and other pollutants – help reduce asthma triggers.
  • Keeps your surroundings dry, reducing the chance of moisture and mould build up
  • Heat transfer keeps you warm in winter
  • Summer mode keeps you cool in the warmer months
  • Saves you dollars on your power bill due to less need for heating and cooling