Underfloor Heating​

Excellence in Engineered Underfloor Heating Solutions

GB Teat can design and install heating to larger floor areas which is not only extremely comfortable, but energy efficient too. Hydronic heating keeps running costs down while allowing for the use of more environmentally friendly energy sources as alternatives to straight electricity. If you are building a new home you should definitely consider underfloor heating because it can extremely cost efficient. The team at GB Teat have a vast amount of experience with underfloor heating options and will happily advise you on the best solution for your personal situation.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating


Hydronic underfloor heating relies on pipes laid in the concrete slab or screed to carry heated water. The water can then be heated by various energy sources, the most efficient of which is a natural gas boiler. Other sources can also be used such as electric heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, wood-fired stoves, and to a more limited extent, solar hot water systems.


Due to the plumbing infrastructure required, hydronic heating is more suitable for larger heated areas of at least 100m2. Alternatively, smaller areas could be cost effective if the energy requirements are incorporated into the entire project.

The hydronic heating pipe is installed in circuits of 100m which are then connected to a manifold. The manifold is used to supply the circuits with hot water and maintain constant water flow.

The total system is designed by qualified engineers to ensure the best possible outcome for any individual project. As the design and materials are crucial elements of a hydronic heating system, GB Teat can design and supply a complete hydronic system and ship it to anywhere in New Zealand.

Due to the nature of hydronic underfloor heating systems, we’ll need to discuss site specifications, metrics and related information to provide an accurate quote. Ask our technical experts for any help you need regarding these matters.